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Netgear wireless extender setup

Today we will discuss the Netgear wireless extender setup process. People with Netgear wireless range extender often search for the setup process. Let us tell you that setting up a Netgear wireless range extender is very easy and simple. You don’t need to use any installation software or driver to setup the wireless range extender. In this tutorial, however, we will explain you the process of Netgear wireless extender setup. We have put down some of the basic instructions to make you understand the process in an easy way. Make sure you follow the below-given instructions carefully.


Now we will explain you the Netgear wireless extender setup process. You need to go through the instructions carefully in order to avoid an issue.

1. Hardware setup

In this section, we will mention the steps for the hardware setup.

  • Make sure that the extender is connected to the computer via Ethernet cable. If you think there is any improper connection between the device try to recheck the setup.
  • Plug the one end of the cable into the wireless range extender and another end into the computer that you are going to use for the Netgear wireless extender setup.
  • Now plug the extender into the power outlet where you face the wireless signal strength issue. Make sure that the device is turned on before you move to the final process.

2. Device setup

Now we will explain you how to set up the device.

  • Go to the computer that is connected to the range extender.
  • Open a web browser on your computer and enter the default IP address of your device into the address bar.
  • After you press Enter, you will be taken to the Netgear wireless range extender login page where you need to enter the device login credentials.
  • Enter the device login credentials and you will be logged into the Netgear wireless extender setup wizard.
  • Now scan for the available wireless networks around you. Locate your home wifi and connect to the network.
  • Enter the password if prompted and you will be connected to the wireless network.
  • Now the setup wizard will direct you to the wireless network settings page.
  • Set up the wireless settings of your wireless range extender.

Now that you have connected to the wireless network, you can synchronize the settings of your wireless router and range extender if you want to. If you want to set up the settings different from that of the router, you can do that manually. Now save the settings and your device will restart. Make sure you check the Internet connection after the device is set up.

So we discussed the Netgear wireless extender setup process in this tutorial. We hope that you got to know how to set up the wireless range extender in a simple and easy way. In case you face any issue, give us an opportunity to help you. Call us on our Toll-Free number and we will be more than happy to help you.

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